From who was once an LCP, who may or not be an LCP

They say you never know how to be chairman of a committee, until the last one day of your term in charge… and I confirmed it, but I also know that to apply for this position of president, it’s not enough potential, motivation, popularity within the entity or the best speech … is an exceptional position that requires just, the maximum …

The experience of being vice president of a committee, taught me a lot about myself and the way I work with others, on how to better manage time, how i can inspire a team to action and the most important, how to implement and delegate … a key and paradoxical aspect, if you want to know if you make some with your team, it’s the same as you’re not doing any (do not misunderstand) operation, but rather, your duty is based on being a guide, companion, consultant and mentor … delivering a horizon and enhancing strengths and attacking weaknesses to get the best of who you represent, those who represent your work … “Reflection 1: How can you be a good team leader, if do everything? “

Instead, the president is a very different position and I think I can mention some important aspects

About beign an LCP(president)


“Always! Will be good to be an LCP!!”

It’s called “the best position in the organization” and there is no discussion about it, it is a life decision and an educational experience that few live, without going any further, in Chile only 8 young people have a position with this level of responsibility, and considering a global organization present in 127 countries and around 2,000 are similar experiences in the world on an amount of 1.2 thousand million youth. This opportunity allows young people to be in charge of the entire generation of leadership development experiences of a city. This includes generation of strategies in HR areas, Communications & Marketing, Finance & Legal, managing high performance team, coaching, consulting and so could go a while haha…so requires full market insight, organizational and inward, self-knowledge, application of knowledge, soft skills such as creativity and innovation … is it direct value to your CV, but also for life!

It is a luxury of organizational position, which aspires to be the best! Here’s why:

1.- With the power, a great responsibility:


The president of the organization is able to be fully responsible for an entity, an entity that doesn´t perform…an entity that does not show the right leadership or not clear why or how, it is the responsibility of the LCP. An entity that is closed is the responsibility of the LCP. Also, an LC VP waiver, membership does not participate, lack of commitment and all … will always be your responsibility, hence, the question is … What am I doing it’s to this to happen? What is doing my team to leverage the results?

2.- About purpose

The purpose of a LCP is, in my view, it’s just one only …. more and better experiences to change people, a city, a generation, and the world. While there are different ways to reach and led to that road, Who is not clear with that purpose or how important and may be different to be in that this position, make decisions, spend time, energy, and inspire action to feed that hunger to change the world on your team, you will have a difficult road to achieve personal and collective success.

3.- About the leader…and his/her leadership


Being president of an entity is simply a charge, there is no guarantee that you are going to achieve the lead an entity because your are in charge and your business card says so. AIESEC leadership is, first and foremost, in self leadership and to be able to be authentic, that is, the distance between what he says and you do should be close to zero. This is the only way to be true to a purpose that is not personal, because this position requires, believe you can have a greater purpose aligned to what you think that you want in your life, a LCP embodies and transmits organizational purpose, show and taught and in every conversation and action.

4.- A leadership team1001089_633219416702460_1844513784_n

The only way to make things happen, is in the hands of a team that has a mission to make those things happen and happen in the best way possible. This equipment should be targeted when you apply and will be part of an adventure on the way to “success” of your management, for the joint construction of a future. Your mission is to believe in them and make the best to lead teams that multiply the impact to be relevant to what we do.




5.- About the entity that you want to see

The only chance to being fully responsible for how will be an entity exposes you, therefore, the decision to apply and how will be your application (proposal) and you will handle it the to be the best application of all to ensure that entity will be as you want it, you have your ideas as a key player and grow with a great team every second, every hour, every one of the 365 days of your experience leaves you exposed to anything else…to be the best person you can be in every area of ​​your experience.


6.- Therefore, An LCP:

  • He/she is in everything and at least three steps ahead.
  • Can reduce any problem, Thematic, mission, discussion, etc. in two things!
  • Always build with the example from how you communicates, write emails and deliver the work.
  • Inspired through actions, not by their facebook post, light talks , screaming or demand more than the rest.
  • Can go to Taiwan, Sao Paulo and all keep running as it should.
  • Makes the team, the best team to work, trust and guidance.
  • Makes all dream about the future, and take action to make this his team that future..
  • Knows that…storming is comming! =) always!
  • Requires the highest since it is always on taking the max!
  • Laughs, Cry, Suffer and will Laugh again.
  • Balances team and brings to the table the right conversations.
  • Take RELEVANT decisions for the growth of the organization.
  • Use constructively the time, powering the strenghs of the team and the organization.
  • Grows based on the growth of others and not only those who are in the team!! 
  • Must have a mentor, one example who to follow!!
  • and all you think about a leader, go here !!

7.- Success by: Excellence and legacy

1% inspiration 99% of hard work well done(excelence)…it’s not about how many prizes, how many trainings or motivationals speeches, it’s about results…and in this case, generated experiences. also it’s, the legacy and this is about culture, people, teams, finances, leadership and more…and it’s reflected, when the next LCP finish his/her term and the entity, still having something important of the things that you did.


8.- And the call to live a beautiful adventure.

I have not written about impossibles or super human, I can say from my experience that when I applied to be president, I was not prepared to be, I did not know everything I needed to know, there was fear and doubt … indeed, did not know how I was going to do it…but I knew that I wanted to see, a vision of what I wanted for Antofagasta, not limited to my period it was beyond … the same vision that I had when we form a team and founded AIESEC in Antofagasta … and it was an objective that was beating faster my heart and filled me with emotion … how it does today … that emotion to think that will change lives worldwide, you’ll do something that is just bigger than you, where the organization is a means to something higher and even if I was not selected, I would be doing something else today, but with same purpose !!

Is it the only way? Of course NOT!, It’s a good way but not the only one…if you applied, and you are not elected…it’s not the end of the world, quite the opposite! It is the principle of making important personal decisions, and if you follow this path with conviction, self-confidence, continuous learning…be sure you will achieve more than you can just being an ordinary human.




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